Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

A Sweet Escape : The Versatile Blogger Award

Yaaaayy!! Another Award!!  \(^o^)/
it's my first Versatile Blogger Award and i'm so exicted!
Judith from In Makeup We Trust and Nancy from Projectncy has been nominating me for this award. 
Thank you Judith and Nancy. It's an honor ^^ 
Judith and Nancy is my fellow beauty blogger, 
and they're so pretty, nice, and friendly. 
I love them both! 

 So here's the rules : 

1. Nominate some other blogger
2. Let them know you have nominated them
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you and link back to them in your post
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post 

I'm nominating this award to : 

7 Random things about me : 

1. I always want to have a hair like Kristin Kreuk, i'm in love with her medium long, dark brown hair since i watch her in Smallville. But everytime my hair reach my neck, i  cut them off -___-" 
i don't really feel comfortable with long hair, but i still want them badly! 
Kristin Kreuk is soooo pretty!! <3

2. I'm crazy about Smallville and Castle. 
i can spend my day just watching them and never get bored
Photo credits to CW
Photo credits to ABC

3. I'm a lazy person. lol >.< 
i always postpone my task until the last minute. 
i know it's bad, but i'm too lazy to do it. hahaha.. 

4. I'm currently into country music, 
and i loooove Blake Shelton <3 

5. I can't swim, no matter how hard i practice but i always drown T^T

6. I have a cute hamster named 'kecil'. 
He's really fat and bouncy. hahaha.. 
he's sleeping with that pose. weiiiird -____-

7. My little brother is a twins. 

that's all my 7 random facts. 
I really enjoy writing this, hope you all that i've been nominating enjoy this award too. 
Love you guys!

See you on my next post 

11 komentar:

  1. thanks for the respond! wah, punya kembaran..asyik nih...thats cool tho..hehhe...
    keep in touch!


  2. OHMYGOD!! itu hamsternya gendut banget hahahaha lucuuuuuuuuu!! hamsterku dulu juga suka tidur kyk gt lol kok bisa ya? xD

    im following you on gfc and bloglovin. do you mind to follow me back? :)
    visit my blog ^^

    1. hahaha iya emang gendut banget dia, apa mungkin semua hamster pose tidurnya suka aneh gitu ya?? hahaha XD

      thank u, aku folback yaa ;)

  3. thank you so much dear for the post <3 I feel soo honored..
    aku jadi kangen sama hamster-hamsterku duluuuu :( udah pada matiiii
    padahal bayi-bayinya lucu-lucu bangeeet, salam yaaa buat si "kecil" hhi

    1. sama2 say, aku juga seneng loh dapet award ini dari kamu *hug*
      aduh sayang ya, padahal kalo masih kecil2 gitu kan lucu banget :(
      hehe iya salam balik dari kecil :D

  4. Hi :)

    Amazing blog. Would you like to follow each other?

    let me know! <3


    1. thanks sweetie!
      i'll follow you for sure ;)

  5. i dunno about Liebster and Versatile
    What's that?

    Sorry,i'm still a newbie hehehe^^

    itu hamsternya lucu bangeeet,jenis apa? Aku punya yg syrian tapi tidurnya biasa aja ngga selucu itu hehehehe...

    btw,new follower here,mint to follow my blog on GFC?

    1. Hai dear ^^
      Liebster Award dan Versatile Blogger Award itu award yg biasanya di tag dari blogger satu ke blogger lain. Jadi tiap award ada rules yg harus kita ikutin. Trus biasanya kalo kita dapet award, kita tag blogger lain biar dapet juga. Seru deh pokoknya :D
      It's okay, aku juga masih newbie kok ^^

      hehe.. itu jenis campbell say. waaah syrian kayak gimana ya? aku belum pernah liat yg syrian, penasaraaaan ><

      siiip, aku folback yah :)

    2. syrian itu yg besar sis,kalo di toko2 mereka nyebutnya hamster biasa. syrian tu gede banget badannya trus lelet dibandingin hamster lain hehehe

      btw,i change my blog domain,mind to follow my blog on GFC?^^v