Jumat, 25 Oktober 2013

Review : Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette

Hello Gorgeous! 
It's been a while since a write a review post.. actually i'm too lazy and too busy to write some.. hahaha! But today, i'm gonna share about my Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette. 

This palette has been on my wishlist like forever, and finally i get my hand on it. *happy dance* 〜(^∇^〜)(〜^∇^)〜 
The packaging is a matte doff black, very sleek, sturdy, and not too big. Just an usual palette packaging.

And look at those gorgeous coloooors! It's a combination from matte and shimmer. I honestly love all the them, it's perfect too create any look that you want. Most of the color have a great pigmentation, but some light color is very sheer. And what surprise me is that the black shade is really sheer, the color won't come out. I have to keep layering and that's pretty weird since most of the black eyeshadow in a palette usually is very pigmented.

The texture is powdery, i experienced a lot of fall out especially in a light and matte shade. Some shade is have a buttery texture but most of them is nay..  ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ For the staying power is pretty great, with a primer underneath and in the crazy humid weather on my town it will last for at least 5 hours and started to fading. 

Swatches :

After all, i'm quite happy with this palette, despite the fall out part. haha.. 
It's very affordable though, so i think it's a good deal for you who want to have many eyeshadow shade with affordable price. 

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Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013

IBB Make Up Challenge October 2013!

Hello Gorgeous! 
This month, Indonesian Beauty Blogger Make Up Challenge theme is about get hypnotized! This Makeup Challenge sponsored by Lancome Indonesia and guess whaaat.. The prize is Lancome Hypnose Palette and Hypnose Macara!! Kyaaaaaaaa >.< I really want them so badly!

So, you can create a look that inspired by Lancome Hypnose Palette. There's Hypnose Star Eyes, Hypnose Dolly Eyes, and Hypnose Drama Eyes. Actually i want to create all the look, but i have a lot things to do, so i think 1 look is enough.. hehe ^^

And this is my submission for IBB MUC sponsored by Lancome Indonesia, 

Hypnose Doll Eyes!
Dolly enough? :3 *slaped 

To achieve a dolly eyes look, you just have to wear a circle lens, false lashes, and make sure you have a flawless base on your skin. It's pretty easy and simple makeup.. ^^ 
So if you want to join the challenge, don't forget to read the rules HERE and you can submit your look HERE ^^ and please help me to choose which photo i should sent.. hehehe 
Wish me luck ya guuuys 

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Jumat, 18 Oktober 2013

Hijab Tutorial : Casual Day Hijab

Holaaaa teman-teman cemuaaaaa! ~ヾ(^∇^)
Beberapa minggu yang lalu aku dapet banyak banget request buat bikin hijab tutorial, tapi berhubung jadwal kuliah dan kerjaku padat banget, jadinya ketunda terus. Sebenernya kemaren-kemaren sempet bikin tapi video gitu deh *sok-sok an bikin video* lha kok failed -_- hahaha.. Akhirnya balik lagi deh pake pictorial.. doakan semoga aku dapet rejeki trus bisa beli kamera beneran ya *nasib modal kamera hp* \(//∇//)\

Tutorial hijab ini bisa dipakai untuk sehari-hari, ga ribet, gampang, dan praktis. Tapi sebenernya kalo untuk sehari-hari aku paling males ngemodel-model hijab, aku pakenya selalu yang model segitiga biasa, maklum selalu keburu-buru dan bukan orang yang fashionable juga.. hahaha 

Yuk langsung mulai tutorialnya..  

1. Gunakan kerudung paris segi empat secara memanjang, tidak perlu di lipat menjadi 2. 
2. Sematkan satu sisi ujung kerudung ke samping kepala dengan peniti kecil atau jarum. 
3. Sematkan sisa ujung kerudung ke samping kepala dengan peniti kecil atau jarum. 
4. Ambil sisa kerudung  di belakang ke arah depan. 
5. Ikat sisi-sisi kerudung, ikat simpul mati dengan ukuran kecil saja. 
6. Letakkan ikatan kerudung tadi kebelakang dan selipkan di dalam kerudung bagian belakang agar tidak terlihat. 
7. Selesai! 

1. Lipat kerudung paris segi empat menjadi persegi panjang. 
2. Silangkan kedua sisinya diatas kepala. 
3. Tarik satu sisi kerudung ke belakang dan selipkan ke dalam. 
4. Ambil sisa kerudung, tarik ke samping dan bentuk sesuai keinginanmu dengan bantuan jarum. Biasanya dibentuk seperti bunga. 
5. Selesai!

1. Lipat kerudung paris segi empat menjadi segitiga. 
2. Letakkan dan ikat diatas kepala. Dari sini kerudung akan menjadi 3 bagian. Kanan, tengah, dan kiri.
3. Ambil kerudung bagian tengah dan selipkan ke dalam. 
4-5. Ikat kerudung membentuk pita. 
6. Ambil sisa kerudung, tarik masing-masing ke depan dan belakang lalu selipkan ke dalam. 
7. Selesai! 

*TIPS : Kerudung paris ini bahannya lemas, ga kaku. Supaya bentuk pitanya bisa tegak dan ga jatuh, tahan bagian belakang pita dengan jarum pentul. 

1. Disini aku menggunakan shawl panjang. 
2. Ikat serong di atas kepala. 
3. Tarik sisa shawl, lalu ikat longgar hingga shawl habis. 
4. Ikat mati sisa shawl, lalu selipkan ke dalam. 
5. Selesai! 

*TIPS : Biasanya model turban seperti ini akan longgar di ikatannya, agar tidak longgar dan lepas, sematkan ikatan dengan jarum ke sisi kepala. 

1. Gunakan shawl panjang. 
2. Ikat di atas kepala. Disini shawl akan terbagi menjadi 2 bagian, kanan dan kiri. 
3. Tarik shawl bagian kanan mengitari kepala sampai habis, masukkan sisanya ke dalam. 
4. Tarik shawl bagian kiri ke arah kanan mengitari kepala. 
5. Selipkan sisa shawl ke bagian dalam atas atau sematkan dengan jarum. 
6. Selesai! 

Gampang kan? 
Tapi maaf ya teman-teman kalo instruksiku ga jelas. Ternyata susah jelasin step by step berhijab lewat tulisan. hahahaha.. Suka bingung bahasanya gimana. Maklumlah, jawa tulen.. wkwkk.. \(//∇//)\ Memang paling enak kalo liat hijab tutorial itu lewat video ya, lebih jelas langkah-langkahnya, ga ribet.. Tapi semoga tutorialku cukup berguna ya ^^ 

Until then, 
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Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013

How To Make Your Blue Eyes POP! With Ageha Barbie Premium Lunatia in Aqua

Hello Gorgeous
If you have a bright blue eyes, i'm sure you want to make it look noticeable and pop! And big thanks to Japan Softlens for sending me a pair of Ageha Barbie Premium Lunatia in Aqua. It's a beautiful beautifuuuul blue lens! 

The review that i wrote is an honest review and based on my personal experience. Do not copy and please appreciate my work. 

Product's description
Ageha Barbie Premium Lunatia - Aqua Blue
Super High Quality Color Softlens 
Diamater : 16 mm (14,5 mm) 
Prescription : Plano 
Water Content : 45 % 
Life Span : 6 months
World Wide Shipping

The color is so prettyyyyyyy  A bright blue with a dark grey outer ring and hazel inner ring. Lunatia is not too thick nor too thin . It's just in a perfect size! The diameter is obviously smaller than Ageha Super Big Brown. If Ageha Super Big create a big-cute-dolly eyes look, Ageha Lunatia will make your eyes look more sexy and flirty.

I loooove how it looks on my dark brown eyes! The enlargement effect is quite natural, not as big as Ageha Super Big. And there's no doubt in wearing a lens from Japan Softlens, because it's super comfy! 

I love my new blue eyes, but i want to make it appear brighter and prettier! 
Blue is the opposite color of orange, bronze, brown, cooper, rust, gold, etc. So if you have a blue eyes, wear these color to make it pop. Just look at the color wheel bellow and find the opposite color of your eyes. 

And this is my version of how to make your blue eyes pop

1. I'm wearing Ageha Lunatia lens in Aqua Blue, and primed my eyes. 
2. I'm apply shimmery cooper eyeshadow all over my lid. 
3. I'm apply bronze eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eyes and blend it up to the crease. 
4. I'm taking a matte black eyeshadow and apply it on my outer v area and blend all the colors until there's no harsh line. 
5. I line 1/2 part of my lower lash line with a bronze and cooper eyeshadow. 
6. With a black pencil liner, i line my eyes and tightline my water line. I also highlight the inner corner of my eyes with a pale gold eyeshadow to make my eyes appear brighter and awake. 
7. I highlight my browbone and fill my eyebrow. 
8. I'm apply my fake eyelashes. 
9. and Done! 

Final Look

I finish this look with a bronzer, highlighter, light pink blush, and nude lipstick. 
And did you notice that my blue eyes looks brighter and really stand out? Super love! 

Lastly, i want to send my big love to Japan Softlens for this Ageha Lunatia! Love it so much! Fyi, Japan Softlens is having an affiliate program and review competion and the prize is.. *drum roll please.. drumroll..* Free ticket to fly to Japan!! Wohoooooo!! So if you want to join just simply go to their page.. Yo can click every "Japan Softlens" word on this post, it's linked on them ^^ 

Japan Softlens 
Brand : http://www.japansoftlens.com/
Website : http://shop.japansoftlens.com/ 
Email : info@japansoftlens.com
Facebook Page : JAPAN Softlens 
Twitter & Instagram : @JAPANSoftlens 
BBM : 25A8140C
WHATSAPP : 081807909033
LINE : YuliaLusiana 

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Kamis, 10 Oktober 2013

Halloween Collaboration Project : Creepy Halloween Doll

Hello gorgeous!! 
Halloween is coming.. :D and even though i don't really celebrating it but create a creepy makeup look is so tempting for me.. And joining with these lovely and super talented ladies makes me so excited! One thing that makes me more excited about this is because Japan Softens kindly sent us their lens for this collaboration project. Woaaah.. thankyou so much Japan Softlens!! *hug*

So here it is.. 

and Me as Ventriloquist Dummy 

Ventriloquist Dummy makeup tutorial : 

1.  First, i'm wearing Ageha Super Big Lens from Japan Softlens to create a dolly effect on my eyes, and then you can apply makeup like usual, i'm using foundation, concealer, powder, contour my face and blush. And then i draw my eyebrow slightly more thicker and higher. 
2. With a black pencil eyeliner, draw eyebag to create the illusion of big dolly eyes and fill it with white creme eyeshadow. Set it with a white powder eyeshadow. Don't forget to use false lashes on your upper lash line and your "fake" lower lash line. 
3. With a brown pencil eyeliner, draw a square along your chin. This will be your guide line to create a ventriloquist dummy mouth. 

4. Draw teeth with white and black pencil eyeliner. Fill the center part with a black creme eyeshadow and set it with a black powder eyeshadow. 
5. Draw a freckles with a brown pencil eyeliner and apply dark red lipstick on your upper lips, along the side of your fake teeth and your chin as a lower lips.
6. Wear your outfit and finish the look with a fake blood. 

The Tale of a Dummy 
I'm abandoned by my master. Master didn't need me anymore so he threw me away. 

I'm devastated. I hate the fact that he threw me! 

So i plan a little revenge for him, and for anyone who threw their doll away. 

I'm always watching him from the corner of the street

And i wait for the right time to be his worst nightmare! 

Because no doll deserves to be abandoned!

And tonight will be his last night!

Let's play, master.. like we used to..

Oh, i forget.. you don't need me anymore, you don't want me.. right?

You're so mean.. so let's just finish things between us.. 


So i hope i'm scary enough for you guys.. lol :D It's really fun and exciting. I'm really enjoying do a character makeup like this, it's a perfect exercise for my skill and even though it's not great but i'm quite satisfied with the result. ^^ Don't forget to visit the my pretty partner's in crime blog. They are super awesome and super talented!!

I hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween!! 
and.. See you on my next post 

Minggu, 06 Oktober 2013

Sponsored Review : Japan Softlens Ageha Super Big Brown

Hellooooo gorgeous!! 
ah it's been a while since my last post, and now i'm gonna share you about my new lens, Ageha Super Big Brown from Japan Softlens! Thankyou Japan Softlens for kindly sent me this beautiful lens ^^

The review that i wrote is an honest review and based on my personal experience. Do not copy and please appreciate my work. 

Product's Description
Ageha Super Big - Brown 
Super High Quality Color Softlens
Diameter : 17mm (15mm) 
Prescription : Plano - (-6.00)
Water Content : 45%  
Life Span : 6 months 
WorldWide Shipping 

The lens comes with a cute flowery box and blister packaging with a description paper. I got a cute lipstick pen and softlens container too. 

The box is sooo cute! i love everything that flowery <3 

Apparently this lipstick is a pen! how cuteeeeee >.< 

They include a guide about how to wear the lens, although it's Japanese but i think the picture can describe it very well ^^

The color is so bright and prettyyyy.. honey gold brown color, and the pattern is so nice.. I wonder how it looks on my eyes :3 

The color didn't look so bright anymore, it blends very well with my natural eyes color. The enlargement effect is perfeeeeect!! It gives me a cute dolly eyes look that i loove  And the lens is super super comfy! It's like.. the most comfortable lens that i ever tried! I have sensitive eyes, and usually after 3 hours wearing a lens i have to use an eye drop because my eyes started to feels itchy and hurts. But when i tried this lens, i wear it for 10 hours and i feel nothing! I even forgot that i wear a lens x) Japan Softlens claimed that their lens can stand for 12 hours without an eye drop, but 10 hours is more than enough for me 

The owner of Japan Softlens, Ms Yulia is so kind and friendly. She always reply my text and answer my question. Japan Softlens also have a lens catalouge so you can browse and pick the lens that you like. Their website is fast respond and easy to browse! 

Me wearing the lens ^^


After all, Ageha from Japan Softlens is a must try if you a contact lens user! 
It's high quality, super comfy, and really pretty too.. and don't blame me if you fall for this lens like i do.. lol 

Japan Softlens 
Brand : http://www.japansoftlens.com/
Website : http://shop.japansoftlens.com/ 
Email : info@japansoftlens.com
Facebook Page : JAPAN Softlens 
Twitter & Instagram : @JAPANSoftlens 
BBM : 25A8140C
WHATSAPP : 081807909033
LINE : YuliaLusiana 

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