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Beauty 101 : Hooded Eyes

 Hey everyone!
Today's post it's about hooded eyes. Yaayy!! \(^o^)/

Okay.. here we go!
I think most people still have a hard time with hooded eyes. It's just so hard to apply the right eye makeup for this eye shape because the lids is very tiny and the crease area is camouflaged with excess skin. So people with hooded eyes practically don’t have a crease. 

I personally have a hooded eyes and I remember back then when I haven’t know about the eye shape, I was so upset because everytime I tryin’ to wear eye makeup it’s never come out looking good. So I digging through goggle and read every article and watch every tutorial about hooded eyes just because I’m so upset and think that there’s something wrong with my eyes and my technique *LOL

Learning does takes times, but it's worth. 
So if you have a hooded eye and lost like I was *haha!* here’s the tricks!

1. Light or dark shadows?
Some people started to apply their eyeshadow with a light shade all over the lids. But if you have a hooded eyes, do not use that method. Light eyeshadow will make your hooded eyes more apparent. Try to wear a medium shade like soft brown or grey and blend it upwards, then take a darker shade and just focus to the outer corner of your eyes. 
This technique will create an optical illusion that you have a crease by wearing a darker eyeshadow on to your hooded area. If you want to wear a light eyeshadow for a day time, make sure you just wear it in the inner corner and 1/3 inner part of your eyelids.  
Watch this tutorial from Pixiwoo, it's very helpful!

Source : Youtube 
Credits : Pixiwoo

2. Chic flick eyeliner
I’m sure that eyeliner is a must have item for every woman. So when you have a hooded eyes, don’t draw your eyeliner from your inner corner. But start from the middle of your eyes and winged it. It’s a lil bit tricky steps because sometimes too much or too thick eyeliner can make your eyes fulled with just that black line. Also don’t draw your eyeliner straight away because it’ll make the line following your droopy lid. Make sure that you always winged it higher so you can get that nice winged liner. 

3. Defined your lower lash line
In this part, I’m suggest you to not wearing eyeliner for your lower lash line. Because it’ll be too harsh and make your eyes appear more tiny. Just wear an eyeshadow like taupe or dark brown and blend it to achieve that soft but still defined look.

4. False lashes is your best friend
Falsies can create a huge different, especially if you have a hooded eyes. It can hide the hooded area and make your eyes look wide awake, bigger, and more defined. Another option is of course to curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Credits : dhgate.com

5. Get the arch
The best eyebrow shape for hooded eyes is the one with high arch. It’s because the arch can lift the eye area, so make sure you always shape your brows and filled them nicely since it’ll frame your face.

Credits : mpipermanentmakeup.com

6. Open your eyes
Usually people will close their eyes when applying eyeshadow, but it’s a big no for hooded eyes. Open your eyes and look straight in the mirror so you can clearly see the part that you want to defined with eyeshadow. Remember, hooded eyes is not like any other eye shape. So if you place your eyeshadow in the typical place and close your eyes, then you’ll see nothing when you open your eyes. 

So, that's all my tips and tricks for hooded eyes. 
Hope it'll be helpful and let me know if you have another tips! 

See you on my next post 

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  1. very helpful!
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  4. great tutorial and explanation! it is different to show of the lid when you try to go too dark with the shadow. i like the muted winged liner look.


  5. yep..we malaysian and indonesian have this kine of eyes. :) http://azwaa.blogspot.com

    1. i think many asians have this kind of eye shape :)

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