Selasa, 09 Juli 2013

[UPDATED] Heart to Heart : A Little Update + My First Makeup Job ♥

Hey everyoneeee!! ♥ 
Oh my God, i really really miss you all and my blog! 
I've been super busy with all my task and final exam. 

If you follow my instagram you should know this photos. 
There's so many task >.< i'm not leaving my room for 3 days to finished all of my task. 
Lack of sleeping and eat making my weight drop into a horrible number. Oh my.. /(x~x)\

And then.. i get hordeolum again. Now my eyes is completely swollen 
Please get well soon ya my eyes.. >.<

But noooow..
I'm officialy in a holiday and hybernate mode! Yaaaayyy!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Now it's time for enjoying my long holiday and write so many overdue post. 

And there's something i wanna share you guys.. 
Last week my brother asked me if i want to be a makeup artist for their community second gathering. 
It's some kind of K-pop lover's community. They covered k-pop dance and song.. 

I think, why not? It's gonna give me an experience and extra practice..
and korean makeup is so simple and easy to do.. so i said yes. 

I'm so sorry that i don't have time to take their photo's. 
so i asked them to send me their photo's and they gave me the edited version. 
They said the original already deleted.. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ

My mom helped me with the base and i'm working the rest. 
Basically the makeup just focus on the eyeliner, gradient lips, and dewy complexion. 


After the show. This is the only one original photo and their makeup already wear off a bit. 
They performing 3 times. Wow! 

Her lipstick was completely wear off u,u

Actually there's 20 people that i done the makeup, 
I feel so much fun while doing this job, their face already so flawless and i didn't put too much effort with their makeup. 
I asked them first how and what kind of makeup look that they want to achieve so i can understand and create a look that they wanted. 

Even though at the end my back and my shoulder is freaking hurt, and the makeup is natural and easy, 
but i'm satisfied with my job. I know my skill is still soooo faaaaar from perfect. 
But it makes me want to learn more about makeup.
I really love makeup and never gonna stop doing it! 

See you on my next post 

12 komentar:

  1. Cantikkkkkk gud job bukkkk....

    1. ah ce sany makasiiiihh.. <3 masih butuh banyak belajar ini ce biar makeupnya super kayak cc ^^

    2. seumur umur aku ga pernah makeup in ampe 20 orang langsung bokkkkkk... busettt.. you are super already hehehehe

    3. huehehehe.. banyak ya ce? ini karena ga nemu temen buat bantuin alhasil cuma dibantu mamah. untung makeupnya ga susah juga XD thankyou ce.. semoga makin super sm ce sany juga <3 <3 <3

  2. wow 20 oraaang..hebaaat hehehe.... make upnya simpel yaa.. itu yang di close up, highlighternya keliataan kok, cakeeep...dewy!

    1. hehehe makasih kak x) iya nih sampe pegel deh pokoknya bahu XD

  3. woaaa must be sooo tired yaaa, tapi alhamdulillah :D
    keep up the good work say
    semangat untuk semua printilan kuliahnya, happy holiday and marhaban ya ramadhan ya ki
    semoga puasa kita lancar sampai hari kemenangan, amiiiin~

    1. hehe iya say pegel-pegel begitu selesai XD
      thank you sayang.. sama2 ya.. maaf lahir batin.. aamiin :)

  4. wiihhhh hebadd... cantik2 semuaa...hehehehe yg pertama rada mirip si Dewie ga sih? hahahah

    1. hehe makasih gitaaaaa <3
      rada mirip yah? aku juga mikir gitu sih sebenernya.. hahaha

  5. Balasan
    1. thanks dear! i'll check your giveaway ^^