Senin, 19 Agustus 2013

Review : Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Let Me Pink

Hey everyone! 
Gosh i miss blogging sooo much! >.< Lately my internet connection is really suck and i'm too lazy to do anything.. LOL! Besides rolling around on my bed, i spend a few weeks for baking a lot of cookies, hang out with my siblings, come to a family gathering, and help my mom in her store. So, i'm kind of busy (i think).. haha! 

Okaaaay.. now i'm going to share about my current favorite lipstick from Maybelline
It's Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Let Me Pink

I bought this lipstick in Jember when i'm visiting my friend there and of course we did a little shopping.. actually i've been eyeing this lipstick from the first time Maybelline launched them, sadly it didn't available on my town. But luckly me! I saw this lipstick on Maybelline counter there so i quickly bought this baby with their Cheeky Glow Blush (which i'm loving too)! 

The packaging is so flattering and elegant yet it feels modern for me, each shade have a different color packaging so i think it's very interesting. I bought this lipstick in shade Let Me pink. 

Let Me Pink is a warm dark pink, almost magenta shade that i belive will work well on everyone. This lipstick have a great color pay off and staying power. One swipe and you'll get a vivid color. It last for around 4 hours and then leave a pinky stain on my lips. It's moisturizing, not drying my lips at all, and the best part is.. it didn't sink on your lip lines! The texture is creamy and glides easily on my lips. Oh, and this lipstick smells like a coconut candy! Yum! :9 


Bare Lips 

With Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 

The finish of this lipstick is not to glossy, it just give a you a luminous shine lips with a gorgeous color! I have to admit that i loooove this lippie so much.. it's brighten up my complexion and the color is really lovely. And don't forget all the good part of this lipstick.. 

Well done, Maybelline! 
I just wish that Maybelline completed their product on my town so i don't have just sit and drooling when i'm read their product reviewed by another blogger.. hahaha! 
After all, it's a must have. Seriously. 

See you on my next post 

10 komentar:

  1. Cute color.. :)
    Kmrn aku ngincer lipstick maybelline ini juga, tapi yg fuschia cuma blom jodoh ampe akrg. Hihihi

    1. yes it's super cute pink! <3
      ah aku juga pengen shade lain, sayang disini ga ada :(

  2. aduhhh cakepnya packagingnyaa ... elegant banget! satu"nya yg bikin gw ngiler tu pas ngliad packagingny si maybelline ini, tyt warnanya natural ya di bibirmu <3

    1. yap, packagingnya emang bagus banget yah.. :D iya ga terlalu bold, malah oke banget warnanya :D

  3. super gorgeous Pink <3 Nice review :)

  4. warnanya suits you best, ki, parah cocok banget <3
    selalu pengen nyobain, tapi selalu end up melipir ke counter sebelah (baca: revlon) kali ini beneran harus coba hehehe

    1. hihihi iya untung pas di aku.. :D ayo cobain deh yes ini oke banget! aku sekarang mlah pengen revlon just bitten ituh :/