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How To Make Your Blue Eyes POP! With Ageha Barbie Premium Lunatia in Aqua

Hello Gorgeous
If you have a bright blue eyes, i'm sure you want to make it look noticeable and pop! And big thanks to Japan Softlens for sending me a pair of Ageha Barbie Premium Lunatia in Aqua. It's a beautiful beautifuuuul blue lens! 

The review that i wrote is an honest review and based on my personal experience. Do not copy and please appreciate my work. 

Product's description
Ageha Barbie Premium Lunatia - Aqua Blue
Super High Quality Color Softlens 
Diamater : 16 mm (14,5 mm) 
Prescription : Plano 
Water Content : 45 % 
Life Span : 6 months
World Wide Shipping

The color is so prettyyyyyyy  A bright blue with a dark grey outer ring and hazel inner ring. Lunatia is not too thick nor too thin . It's just in a perfect size! The diameter is obviously smaller than Ageha Super Big Brown. If Ageha Super Big create a big-cute-dolly eyes look, Ageha Lunatia will make your eyes look more sexy and flirty.

I loooove how it looks on my dark brown eyes! The enlargement effect is quite natural, not as big as Ageha Super Big. And there's no doubt in wearing a lens from Japan Softlens, because it's super comfy! 

I love my new blue eyes, but i want to make it appear brighter and prettier! 
Blue is the opposite color of orange, bronze, brown, cooper, rust, gold, etc. So if you have a blue eyes, wear these color to make it pop. Just look at the color wheel bellow and find the opposite color of your eyes. 

And this is my version of how to make your blue eyes pop

1. I'm wearing Ageha Lunatia lens in Aqua Blue, and primed my eyes. 
2. I'm apply shimmery cooper eyeshadow all over my lid. 
3. I'm apply bronze eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eyes and blend it up to the crease. 
4. I'm taking a matte black eyeshadow and apply it on my outer v area and blend all the colors until there's no harsh line. 
5. I line 1/2 part of my lower lash line with a bronze and cooper eyeshadow. 
6. With a black pencil liner, i line my eyes and tightline my water line. I also highlight the inner corner of my eyes with a pale gold eyeshadow to make my eyes appear brighter and awake. 
7. I highlight my browbone and fill my eyebrow. 
8. I'm apply my fake eyelashes. 
9. and Done! 

Final Look

I finish this look with a bronzer, highlighter, light pink blush, and nude lipstick. 
And did you notice that my blue eyes looks brighter and really stand out? Super love! 

Lastly, i want to send my big love to Japan Softlens for this Ageha Lunatia! Love it so much! Fyi, Japan Softlens is having an affiliate program and review competion and the prize is.. *drum roll please.. drumroll..* Free ticket to fly to Japan!! Wohoooooo!! So if you want to join just simply go to their page.. Yo can click every "Japan Softlens" word on this post, it's linked on them ^^ 

Japan Softlens 
Brand : http://www.japansoftlens.com/
Website : http://shop.japansoftlens.com/ 
Email : info@japansoftlens.com
Facebook Page : JAPAN Softlens 
Twitter & Instagram : @JAPANSoftlens 
BBM : 25A8140C
WHATSAPP : 081807909033
LINE : YuliaLusiana 

See you on my next post 

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