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Heart to Heart : Nodular Acne

Hey everyone!
Today post is not a product review as usual, but i want to share you guys about what i’m going  through recently, nodular acne. This will be a looong post, so prepare!

Back when i was in middle school and high school, my skin is perfect! I’m not showing off, but that’s the fact. I never get acne like any other teenagers, and my skin is like suitable for any skincare or makeup. I never get breakout by trying this or that product. That’s why i’m so grateful.

My skin stays wonderful until the second semester of college. And then, it started to produced overly sebum and acne. Not like any usual acne, but nodular acne. It’s big, red, hard, sometimes can be itchy, and hurts like hell! Not to mention that it’s everywhere, there’s on my forehead, my cheeks, around my mouth, and my chin. I was frustated! i have no idea how to treat an acne like that and what caused it. So i started to browse everything about acne and find out that my acne is match to nodular acne description.

So i decide to make this post to help everyone who have nodular acne, so they can know what is nodular acne and how to treat them. I hope this post can be useful ^^

What Is Nodular Acne?
In contrast to non-inflammatory blackheads or whiteheads, nodular acne will form hard, dense lesions, which can also be swollen, red or uneven, affecting the deeper layers of the skin. If left untreated, acne nodules can destroy some of the surrounding skin tissue, resulting in noticeable, unsightly acne scars.

Nodular acne can be extremely painful and without immediate attention it can rapidly intensify. Even in cases where appropriate nodular acne treatment is applied, despite the efforts of the sufferer, the lesions will leave a certain amount of scarring behind. On the other hand, when nodular acne is ignored and the inflammatory process continues, the nodules will transform into soft cysts.

How Nodules Form? 

(taken from : )

According to the Mayo Clinic, acne is the result of three factors: sebum overproduction, bacteria buildup and shedding of dead skin cells that irritate hair follicles in the skin. The follicles of hair in the skin are connected to the sebaceous glands--glands that produce the oil that lubricates and protects the skin. When the body produces excess sebum, it doesn't have time to travel along the hair shaft and onto the skin's surface. Instead, hair follicles become plugged with sebum and dead skills. If this blockage takes place deep inside the hair follicle rather than closer to the skin's surface, nodular acne is the result.

How To Treat Nodular Acne 
Many sites say that nodular acne is have to treated by dermatologist. But i can't afford a treatment like that, so some friends from a beauty community on facebook recommend me to try some products, and it works! 

Acnol Lotion 
(taken from : )
Ingredients  : 
Allantoin 0.20% 
Camphor 0.50% 
Sulphur 8% 
m-dihydroxybenzene 2% 
Trichlorohydroxydiphenylether 0.10%

This lotion is work wonder to me! My acne reduce in a week and then disappear. 
The lotion comes in a liquid form and have a some kind of powder on the bottom. You have to shake it before apply. It will gives you cooling effect and then dries for around 5 minutes. 
This is my holy grail acne lotion and it's worth less than 1$ !!

Benzolac 5% 
(taken from : )
Ingredients : 
Benzoyl Peroxide 5% 

It comes with a tube and have 3 variants. Benzolac 5%, Benzolac 2,5%, and Benzolac 1%
If i ran out of acnol lotion, benzolac can save me. It's a gel form of benzoyl peroxide that know can help you to get rid of acne. But recently benzolac can't do anything to my acne :( 
Maybe i have to use higher level of this gel.

Another Tips To Treat Nodular Acne : 
Never try to touch, squeeze or picking a nodule as it can leads to major injury at the skin base and can leave a scar. When you squeeze, not only are you increasing your chance of scarring, but you’re both pushing the bacteria down into your pore and spreading it across your skin at the same time. This way, the likelihood of having another breakout is increased. Acne nodules can take a long time to treat, so be patient.

Always cleanse your face properly two times a day. Use cleanser that specially made for acne skin. Don't use the one that have a scrub on it. Scrub will irritated acne skin. 

Drink at least 2 liters of water. It's the best thing you can do to treat your acne and your skin. It also keeping the skin hydrated and make the skin cells plump and strong. Water also helps to wash away all toxins from the skin and out of the body, an important step when you are working to kill bacteria-causing acne deep within the pores. Dry skin can also cause irregular shedding of skin cells, causing more nodular acne.

Tea tree oil contains natural anti-bacterial properties. Applied topically, the tea tree oil can work its way into the skin to fight bacteria building up in the clogged pores.

Do not eating any fast food! Keeping away from them and any food that be fried, or your skin will produced overly sebum.

It's best for the treatment of nodular acne is to look for it immediately during its early stages to prevent scarring and further severe infections. You can use antibiotics to stop further infections and break outs.Vitamins A, B-1, C, E and zinc are all antioxidants important to maintaining the skin's health, and the Mayo Clinic recommends zinc supplements to naturally treat acne. Deficiencies in vitamins A, B-2, B-3, B-6 and zinc can cause acne.

If self medications or treatments to get rid the nodules didn't work, it’s better to go with a licensed dermatologist’s advices for proper diagnosis and prescription. 

If you are going for whatever treatment for nodular acne, keep patient for the results, because Nodular acne generally takes lots of time to improve because the skin is infected deeply in cause of nodular acne and, the waste material produced in the skin is not readily discharged. So it is advised to check with your doctor/ dermatologist regularly and follow what he says to treat you nodules acne faithfully.

(source : ) 

My Skin Condition Now 
I still have some acne on my cheek and many acne scars that leave behind. Nodular acne tend to leave a scar although i'm not picking up or squeeze them. But the most important thing is, my acne already reduced a lot than before. 

I tried to keep away from any meal that fried, stop touching my face, drink a lot of water, and never skip cleanse my face. I also use skincare for acne skin and whitening product to reduce my acne scars.

For everyday basis, i'm not using heavy makeup. I just wear a sunscreen, concealer, and corrector cream to cover up my blemishes. Concealer and corrector cream is the most wonderful makeup item! They perfectly cover up any imperfection on my face and make me look flawless! But when i'm just staying at home, i'm not wearing makeup at all, i'd like to let my skin rest and breathe.  

*Bare Face Alert!!*

Right cheek : 

Left Cheek : 

Chin : 

*Bare Face, no edit at all. except for the eye*

Hehe.. sorry, i'm edited my eyes. It's been swollen like crazyyyy!! >_< 

Fiuuuuhh... such a long long post. 
I bet you're really bored now, haha! 

I hope this post will be useful for anyone who dealing with nodular acne, 
and i'm really glad can share my experience to all of you ^^ 

See you on my next post 

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  1. waa, sama kayak aku yaa. itu bisa buat kulit sensitif? setauku kayaknya benzolac itu keras.
    thank youu ya sharingnya hehehe

    1. kalo gitu coba pake acnol dulu aja say.. kalo buat kulit sensi aku kurang tau ya.. hehe maaf ga membantu >,<
      sama2, semoga bermanfaat yaaa ^^

  2. kemarin aku ada nih jerawat kayak gini di hidung bagian cupingnya, perih banget kalo kena toel hehehe....
    baru tau namanya nodular :p

    Love, Leonita

    1. hehehe iya, jerawat kayak gini namanya nodular. emang sakit banget yah kalo kena toel T^T

  3. thanks ya. aku mw coba tuh acnol. aku pake lotion jerawat lain ga ada yg mempan -.-..

    visit my blog ^^

    1. cobain deh, ampuh banget itu ^^ recommended pokoknya ^^

  4. semoga cepat sembuh deh...! matanya kok bisa swollen begitu say? semoga cepat sembuh deh pokoknya..aku pake Clearasil Benzoyl Peroxide 10% to able to make my acne gone!10%, thats the top of the top..keras banget...o iya, try to take ZINC helps from within!


    1. ehehehe lagi timbilan ituuu makanya bengkak gede banget >,< besok rencana mau di insisi. iya nih, lagi nyari2 zinc vitamin yg gampang didapet. Aamiin.. thanks ya kakak cantiikkk <3

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