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Review : Wardah Double Function Kit and Eyeshadow Serie I

I'm back with another review! 
since i have nothing to do right now, lol (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Last week me and my brother went to dpt. store and of course i can't take my eyes off of cosmetics counter, so i decided to buy some. hehe (^ω^)

The first item is, Wardah Double Function Kit

Wardah Double Function Kit is a concealer and eyeshadow base in one pact. 
I found it very interesting so i decided to give it a try, and this kit worthed IDR 36.
The creme and brown color is a concealer and the white one is an eyeshadow base. 

The packaging is tiny and made by transparent thick plastick with the brand label on the bottom. I love this kind of packaging because it's makes my life easier. lol 
You can see how the product actually looked like without have to open the packaging. 
It's also look sleek and practical
This kit comes with super mini mirror and a sponge applicator, but i don't think it's useful. 
I prefer my concealer brush for better application. 

The creme color is perfect as under eye concealer, it's instantly brighten up my under eye area. You can use it for highlight too, since it's very light. 
The brown color is too dark for me, so i tend to mixed it up with the creme one. 
Buuuuuut, it can't cover any of my blemishes. 
I don't even know why, maybe it's because of the shade that too light and too dark for me. 
Even though i mixed them up, i still can't get the right shade ( TДT)

The texture of this concealer is a little dry and hard, but the brown one is more creamy. 
Both of them is somewhat hard to blend. The coverage is buildable though.
While the eyeshadow base have a balm texture and come out transparent. 
It's glide smoothly on my lids and not sticky. 

Swatch on my under eye : 

As you can see, it's good enough to cover my panda eyes. 
It's does not crease or sink on the fine lines too. 

Swatch of the eyeshadow base : 

The eyeshadow base is not good enough in my opinion. 
I still have to swipe a couple times to achieve better color pay off. 
And after just 2 hours after application my eyeshadow started to creasing. eerrrrr.. ( ̄~ ̄;)




Okay, let's move to the next product .. 

Wardah Eyeshadow Serie I 

I can't resist myself when i saw this eyeshadow! 
The colors are so soft and feels girly, so i just grabbed this. hahaha ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

The packaging is all same with Double Function Kit. 
Nothing different, so i think i don't have to explain about that. 
The sponge applicator is soft and can pick up the product very well. 
This product worthed IDR 30.

Swatch without primer :

Swatch with primer : 

From left to right : 
Shimmery soft pink color 
Shimmery white color 
Shimmery champagne color 

Super loooovvveeeee the colors!! (人´∀`*)
All shimmery and neutral, makes my eyes shiny without looking overdo.
The texture is buttery, but the pink one is more powdery. 
It's easy to blend and can stay on my lids for around 4 hours without primer and then started fading. Love love love this eyeshadow!! (人´∀`*) 
I definitely purchased another shade of this eyeshadow! 

i think the Double Function Kit didn't work for me. The only thing that worked is the creme color concealer for my under eye area and as a highlight. 
While the eyeshadow definitely stole my heart! 
I love everything about the eyeshadow so i think i'm gonna purchased another shade. 

That's all my review, 
hope you found it useful. 

See you on my next post 

11 komentar:

  1. concealernya bikin kering gak???
    sampe detik ini belom nemuin concealer yang pas ~_~
    btw, about la tulipe eyeshadow base...
    apply eyeshadownya di tepuk-tepuk biar gak creasing :)

    1. concealernya emang teksturnya kering sih, kalo di pake di kulit kering jadinya flaky gitu. aku juga nih belum nemu concealer yg bener2 pas :<
      thank you tipsnya, pengen cobain yg la tulipe emang :D

  2. aku jg punya eyeshadow yg seri I, tp menurut aku kurang shimmering & pigmented :( malah kyak yg ga pake eyeshadow. eyeshadow seri I ini lebih cocok buat yg suka dandan natural ..

    1. iya warnanya emang soft dan natural banget yah :)

  3. packaging double funtion kit mirip eyeshadow.

  4. Sista Rizki bli concealer & eyeshadow serie 1nya dmn ?? Thanks

    1. di counternya wardah ada say :)

    2. Ok. Thanks Say harganya bnar sgtu concealernya. Eye basenya kurang bagus ya. Oya Eyeshadow itu serie i/ I ya ?? Thanks

  5. Yg pengen wajah cantik sehat alami, yuk beralih ke jafra!! Apa sii jafra? Lgs add aja line shinta-as atau 082155671267.. bonus free ongkir lho dari aku :)

  6. Aku juga suka banget sama eyeshadownyaa!hehe. nice posting btw.