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[SPONSORED] Circle Lens Review : Dueba Barbie Honey Doll Violet 2 Tone

Hey everyone! (*^▽^)/
A couple weeks ago i found a website that sell authentic circle lens from various brand on facebook, Solution-Lens.comI found their website is very easy to browse, they have a catalogue on their website so we can browse what color lens that we want to buy. 

And then last week i receive a package from Solution-Lens.com
They send me a pair of circle lens for review purpose.
Thank you Solution-Lens.como(〃^▽^〃)o

My package arrive safely! They pack it nicely and give a fragile warning on it so it won't be broken. The customer service is very good and quick. They quickly reply my email and it just took only 12 days until the lens is finally arrived at my house.

The lens was tidy wrapped with a plastick bubble wrap. 
They me send a circle lens case and cute bunny earring too. Aw so happy!

My barbie lens   



Lens Description : 
Diameter 14.5 mm
Water content 38%
Base curve 8.6
1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
Packaged in sterile buffered saline
FDA and EU approved contact lenses
Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
Buy without prescription
Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes 

Mine ^^

I'm usually wear color lenses from my favorite brand, X2. And i'm always stick with brown or grey lens since i want to keep it look natural. But now i want to try a violet one, and Solution-Lens.com give me this!  

The color is so pretty! >.< 
It have 2 tones. Violet and black. For me it's definitely a perfect combination. 
Let's see how it looks on my eyes.. 

 Without circle lens, my natural eyes color is dark brown

Circle lens on :

See?? The color is super pretty! (人´∀`*)
It makes my eyes look more alive. 

The enlargement effect is perfect for me. Makes my eyes appear bigger like a doll. *haha* 
This lens is a little bit thick but it's okay since it's very comfortable!
I'm wearing this lens for more than 6 hours and still feels comfortable. 

 Wearing Duebba Barbie Honey Doll Violet 2 Tone

Overall, i'm so happy with this lens! 
Love all about this lens and i'm looking forward to purchased it. 
I'm also very pleased by Solution-Lens.com because they gives me a great service. They very nice and quickly respond my email and delivered the lens. 

They have soooo many range of circle lens and they sell crazy lens for cosplay too. 
When i browse their site, i'm immediately fall in love with another circle lens they have, 
it's Vassen Kitty Kawaii Cherry Black.
So if you looking for any circle lens, you can go to their website : Solution-Lens.com 
or hit their facebook page : Solution-Lens 
You can also join their permanent giveaway to get a chance of wining a free pair of circle lens. Here's the link : http://www.solution-lens.com/circle-lens-giveaway-solution-lens-com-get-free-color-lenses-our-permanent-giveaway.html 

So that's all my review,  
See you on my next post 

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  1. look so natural on you syg :D cantik <3
    aku lagi nyati yg cokelat nih, dan kayaknya seri ini menggiurkan hhi nice review say~

    1. hihihi.. makasih sayangs <3
      coba deh browsing di solution lens itu. dia juga ada permanent giveawaynya..
      thankieees judith cantikkuuuu ^^ hope it helps buat refrensi belanja softlens ^^

  2. waahhh sponsor sofleeennn pengeennn hihiih :D
    ehh numpang bales komen disini yaa >.< gak ada notif gak tau kalo udah dibales nnti :P

    iyaa aku juga mewek pagi2 huhu :') kisahnya bener2 cinta sejati tu :)
    hihi amiiiinnnn... :D makasih doanya, Reezki :*

    1. hihihi.. ini juga pertama kali aku dapet sponsor softlens :D
      iyaaaa, super sweet banget deh itu videonya :') sama2 devi cantiiiikkk.. :*

  3. warnanya cantik, pingin banget nyoba circle lens, tapi masih takut.
    nice review kak :D


    1. makasih sayang :*
      hehe aku dulu juga ga berani tapi sangking pengennya akhirnya nyoba pake juga :D

  4. cantik , tapi matanya agak kaya keliatan sembab gitu ya kaya abis nangis gitu hehe

    btw , new follower here ~

    1. hehehe itu mataku baru selesai di operasi beberapa minggu lalu jadi masih agak bengkak dan sembab gitu.. >.<
      thank you sayang, i'll follow u back ^^

  5. halo gorgeous.. hahha cantik banget dimata kamu ki... tapi akunya masih takut2 gitu pake warna yang berani banget kyak gitu.. ahahha
    Nice review btw...

    operasi apa???

    1. hihi makasih cantiiik :*
      eh tapi bagus loh, aku sih bodo amat. ahahaha.. abis warnanya lucuukk >.<
      abis di insisi, operasi kecil gitu buat ngeluarin hordeolum a.k.a bintitan. wkwk XD

  6. aww the violet color is so gorgeous! and you're pretty as well ♥

  7. This shop is my favorite because of the free pair they give with every order ! Love it !

  8. so great this shop yes really i just got my order